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Natuform Beauty Breast Softgels in Pakistan;

This beauty breast product contain various kinds of enzymes and natural plants estrogen, it can instantly reinforce the breast tissue and cells, accelerate the expansion of breast, particularly for asymmetric breast or breast with dry skin, enable the breast to recover full and pink, thus creating exquisite curve and beautifying breast figure.


Softgels daily, it takes effect after 15 days, for achieve outstanding effect, please use constantly for 1-3 months, or use the product continuously until desired result is achieved

Indication Population:

Applicable for all women, particularly for women, during puberty, after childbirth and menopause.

Breast Surgery Lahore

Breast is very important factor for female beauty. Female breast size can be improved using breast implants for getting desired and perfect aesthetics breast shape and size.

Dr barira bashir female breast surgeon also offer breast augmentation in lahore with own fat transfer to their own breast for better breast size. Such kind of breast treatment is good for those female who loss their breast volume due to breast feeding, due to weight loss or some time congenital breast deformities.

Female patients go for breast augmentation just for improving their image, heightened self confidence. For detail discussion regarding desired breast size, breast implants placement,

breast fat grafting with liposuction please visit our clinic and our female plastic surgeon will advice and guide you according to your wish and book appointment for breast surgery lahore now.

Breast Reduction Lahore

Reduction mammoplasty done to reduce the breast size. This reduction can be done by removing excess breat fat, breast glandular tissue and skin. Mostly women goes for breast reduction due to heavy breast size, as it cause ulcer, some time for physical and psychological reasons.

Dr barira bashir female plastic surgeon is fully trained and experienced offer breast reduction surgery with minimal treatment scar. Main our goal of breast reduction surgery is to reduce breast volume and weight of breasts, preserve sensation.


Remember breast surgery lahore, so always bank upon a reliable and highly experienced plastic/cosmetic surgeon. Dr barira is one of them who has more than 10 years of practice experienced for plastic surgery in lahore.


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