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V Tight Spray


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V Tight

Brand V Tight
Item Form Spray
Quantity 10 ml
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Imported From USA

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V Tight Spray in Pakistan In Lahore Karachi Islamabad

V Tight Spray in PakistanĀ Stretched vagina spray (herbal tightener, elasticity restorer) formulated for over stretched vagina. Powerful natural body care with out synthetic additives, hues, plastics, parabens, and sulfates. The holistic formulation for use after childbirth. Decrease length and improve vaginal tightness. Enables beef up pelvic ground muscle tissues. Imported from usa. does your vagina sense unfastened or over-stretched? Then attempt stretched vagina spray to help tighten looseness. This vaginal spray is preferred by means of moms after giving childbirth.

Most of the people of women who use this product spray two times per day or straight away earlier than intimacy. Vaginal tightening spray in pakistan formulated from natural gooseberries and natural herbals that paintings to repair vaginal elasticity. Endured usage can help vaginal entrance go back to its everyday length. Synthesis-herbs herbal products are 100% natural products and do do now not incorporate yeast, corn, beet sugar, bone ash, or alcohol.

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Caution: although that is a herbal product we constantly propose that pregnant or breastfeeding ladies seek advice from a health expert earlier than use. this product is for adult use simplest. Maintain this faraway from the reach of youngsters. *those statements have not been authorised by means of the food and drugadministration. This product is not meant to deal with, diagnose, save you or mitigate any form of ailment.

High-quality tight coochy all herbal instantaneous vaginal tightening spray-vaginal tightening spray in pakistan vaginal tightening spray is an all-natural vaginal spray that virtually tightens and cleans the vagina right away! It does now not include any harsh chemical compounds, perfumes or deodorizers. Top notch tight coochy makes use of historical factors together with manjakani extract and distinct powerful historic materials (used after childbirth) which can be clinically tested to be powerful at tightening the vagina partitions right away. 1 oz.. bottle


Water, manjakani extract, labisia pumila, witch hazel extract, organic aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, alum, potassium sorbate.


Shake well before use. spray 3 to four pumps on your fingertips and gently insert in vagina. Rub down for 30 seconds. Allow as much as half-hour to work.



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